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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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in for mike the mac. >> new video released of the deadly encounter between police and charlotte north carolina and 43-year-old keith lamont scott perspective this video we're getting a look at, even to the new york times by scott's wife, it is difficult to see, we should warn you, although you don't see the shooting at self on the video it will likely be disturbing for some viewers because you can hear the gunfire, the gunshots that ultimately took scott's life. >> reporter: -- get out of the car. don't you do it. keith don't do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be dead. he better not be dead. i know that much. i'm not going to come near you.
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i'm going to record though, he better be alive. we're over here 9453, police officers shot my husband, he better live. he better live. the woman you hear is key scott's wife. earlier we heard her telling officers he doesn't have a gun, and he also has a traumatic brain injury. >> it is a heartbreaking video, come to life and protesters in the city of charlotte to the streets for a 3rd night in a row. as rick leventhal tells us last night's demonstrations were different in the last 2 nights. a 3rd night of protests in charlotte remain mostly peaceful. demonstrators marched through the city, at the national guard and state troopers help local police keep watch and protect property. at midnight, 6 am curfew to
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disperse crowds if necessary, law enforcement allowing people to remain on this is overnight as long as they were orderly. >> we continue to maintain our level of resources. we are in preparation for the weekend ahead. >> reporter: the protests are stark contrast to the violence in the last 2 nights, when man fatally shot during demonstrations in the streets. >> just like a grandfather and ancestors before us were here, we have to do it peacefully in in the driveway. the clashes sparked by the shooting of keith lamont scott, police say scott ignored warnings to drop it done before he was shot and killed by an officer. some at the scene say scott was holding a book not a weapon but authorities say it isn't true. charlotte police allowed the 43- year-old family to view police dash in body camp shooting the video and a lawyer says it shows scott acting calm weight during the encounter. >> his wife saw him get shot and killed, and she will never
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forget that. >> reporter: the police chief says the footage will not be made public until there is a compelling reason to do so. in charlotte rick leventhal fox news. at this moment north carolina's governor speaking in charlotte, monitoring his comments and see how it is regard to the situation. police in charlotte announced an arrest in wednesday night deadly shooting of her protostar, fresco user recorded the frantic moment when a woman that down and white the victim's blood on officers shouting the police had blood on them. no word on the identity of the person under arrest. we move shrimp -- from charlotte to tulsa, a police officer charged with first- degree manslaughter in connection with the deadly shooting of an unarmed african- american man. officer betty shelby turned herself in this morning and posted bond right away. she is charged with shooting and killing 40-year-old terence
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crutcher last friday. as he stood next to his suv with his hands in the air. the officer's attorneys say she thought he was reaching for weapon through the window of the suv but there was never any weapon found inside. prosecutors say shelby reacted unreasonably when she shot crutcher. his twin sister had this to say about the charges. >> while we are pleased to learn the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face charges for her reckless act, we understand nothing will bring him back.>> if she is convicted officer shelby could face a minimum of 4 years in prison. new at noon in her home san francisco firefighters , taken of the trauma center after suffering moderate head injuries while responding to a fire at a home in bernal heights. the fire started about 3:30 am and a three-story victorian on prospect avenue, crews got it under control quickly, it
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started at 8:30 pm, details of his injury were released. at least 8 people in the home and none were injured. a man who stole a police patrol car in the east bay crashed into the san mateo bridge, scheduled to beer -- a. or take. >> he led police on a high- speed chase and he were before he was caught after crashing, ktvu finding out this is the first time a patrol car from hayward has been stolen this year. i police tell us the suspect stole a brand-new patrol car, put into service this week. he told it when he crash on highway 92. police released this booking photo of 28-year-old jeffrey chambers, use in a car involved in a crash last night around 9:30 pm and hayward hills. he was treated by paramedics when he suddenly got up and jumped into a police cruiser nearby and took off. officers spotted a short time later traveling more than 100 miles an hour. chambers crashed into 3 other cars, a patrol car rolled over
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and fell into a marsh living on the westbound approach to the san mateo bridge. at least 3 people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. this is the 2nd time a patrol car has been stolen from hayward police in may received took one left with the engine running outside the department. we're working on basic do, safety devices to make sure vehicles while they are running an undetected will not be able to be driven off. their products that will help us, we are researching. >> reporter: chambers was arrested for theft, evading police and hit-and-run. police say it doesn't appear he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. we as officers why he tried to escape in the first place, at this point they just don't know. reporting from hayward janine de la vega ktvu fox2 news an update on the home invasion and brutal beating of it 80-year- old woman in the south bay. o douglas remains in critical
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condition following the attack, the sole suspect charged had a brief court appearance in santa fe. the 19-year-old was scheduled to enter a plea to several charges including attempted murder and the hearing was delayed until november so both the prosecution and the defense attorney can review evidence. it doesn't weekend the resolve of douglas his family members who want just to serve. >> we are keeping our lights burning as we did with the vigil, and we'll have a light here to make sure everyone is paying attention, everyone realizes this is not only a threat to my grandmother but everyone public safety. >> my heart is so heavy. this is unbelievable. i can't believe our family is he right now. dealing with us. everyone else here, i hope justice is served. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies say quinn broke into douglas his home september 11 and demanded money. and then dropped in be her.
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items recovered at the scene led to his arrest. police are looking for who shot into a crowd of people leading to a man dead. smack near the ashby bart station, christian captain reports on whether is -- is connected to other recent shootings. >> reporter: at the intersection of harper and fairview, shut down 4 hours as police scoured the intersection looking for clues for who the shooter may have been. police say the victim was standing with a group of men and women on the street corner about 7:30 pm when the gunman approached and started arguing and opened fire. officers received multiple 911 calls around 7:30 pm about gunfire near adeline, tbsff of where we are 2 blocks away from the ashby bart station. police found a male victim at the scene suffering from gunshot was. officers were on scene and minutes and tried to resuscitate the victim, he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. witnesses tell us there were 2 gunshots and when she came
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outside to see what it happen the young man was lying in the street. >> he was laid out right there in the street. the girl was screaming, other people came running. >> and he was a young man right? >> 22 or 23 years old. everyone said he didn't bother anyone. >> reporter: earlier today we saw a woman who said she is the.sys or of the man shot, she lit a candle here for them, she said she is unable to talk, there are signs of area saying neighbors are monitoring behavior, comings and goings of folks in area, police hoping someone saw something that could help them crack the case and find out who the shooter was. in berkeley ktvu fox2 news still ahead new developments in the bay area, police sex scandal, we learned about disciplinary action against a number of officers and the richmond police department. we're hearing from the parents of the woman at the center of the scandal. a live look at the golden
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gate bridge. summerlike weather for the first weekend of fall. pretty nice, coming up details on the weekend warm-up. an hour away from the heat real festival in oakland, jack london square. a live report on all the things you will find there.
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a san jose police officer accused of giving confidential information to gang members smiled and waved as he left the hall of justice yesterday. arrested last month during the run-up of alleged be in the main street gang, more than 20 people arrested. prosecutors say antonio gave inside information to the games from police computers, rain on 6 felony charges and is free on bail. he didn't enter a plea and has another court appearance that tracks month. a rare case of leprosy confirmed in riverside county elementary school. 2 students at indian hills elementary school, tested after they started showing signs of the condition, known medically as hansen's disease. the national hansen disease laboratory research program in baton rouge louisiana said only one of those children has actually tested positive for leprosy, the disease is treatable. we fully expect there will be no further cases, we urge parents with questions to see their physicians, we are confident the case involved
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will be treated and we were cover fully.>> if left untreated it can cost severe nerve damage, and disability. the classroom 70 can -- decontaminated and they don't believe there is threat to anyone else. ilett 66 temporarily shut down operations at appear in rodeo, investigators try to determine the source of an oil sheet and san pablo bay. the oil leak sparked a shelter in place order when it produced a strong odor and vallejo. dozens of people want to the hospital claiming it made them sick. the worker's -- workers at the blood 66 feyenoord was -- were unloading crude oil, and investigators say it may have leaked in the transfer. happy friday, happy friday afternoon, first full day of fall, windy conditions and cool temperatures. that translated into cool lows this morning. all signs point towards a big
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warm-up for the weekend, friday looks like a nice day, a bike calistoga, 30 this morning. summit county, 39 danville 42, sonoma 42. there were many 40s. santa cruz mountain, all over the place. i'm showing a few here. nice day on, nice fall day. the full forecast shows 60s, 70s and some near 80 degrees. again the biggest temperatures, up on the weekends. santa rosa yesterday, 79 to 84 today, 72, 101 on monday. look at the drop, all the way to 72 now up to 79. donuts -- dobies present their 100 sunday. 73 yesterday, 76 today. the pet to the clouds, high clouds in the mix but on the drivers side of everything. the low didn't give us precipitation but it did for the sarah. snow, -- for the sierra.
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the things of calm down, the cold this morning in 19 at truckee, water temperatures northwest, brings up the cold nutrient rich waters, 52, san francisco, 56, 57 is a big drop considering where we were a week ago. hardly any breeze but a few locations, little afternoon breeze, most temperatures, running warmer than they were 24 hours ago. the process of building and the high-pressure, partly cloudy up to the north, system clipping, there goes below, as the system moves into the 4 corners. high-pressure beginning to nose in and as it does it will turn northerly. yesterday was cooler, today is nice but the weekend is hot. 90s, upper 80s jr. 90s, 80s on the coast. i wouldn't be surprised if san francisco hits 90 degrees sunday. very warm today, close to seasonal averages. 60s, 70s and 80s, temperature
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in concord should be around 80. oakland 74, san jose 76. a little below average, it will make up for that as we head into saturday and big time sunday. 68 san francisco, should be 70 and as i said i wouldn't be surprised 80 tomorrow and close to 90 on sunday. sunday will be hot, high fire danger, to steve monday, cooling against tuesday. the eat real festival back in oakland, 3 days of food, local beer, wine and fresh ingredients. >> it sounds like fun, gets underway 30 minutes from now at jack london square in oakland. christina rendon on checking everything out. how do we look?>> reporter: it is really god. and a lot of fun if you head down, we're hanging out, tartare basin open. really quickly i want to mention, he has been featured recently in the san francisco
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chronicle for his famous mulching muffins. tell us about some of these -- about his muffins, tell us that the special ingredients you use. >> i use a lot of asian flavors. the pastries are usually french style, i use tropical ingredients like passionfruit, rum, sugar and vanilla. they are reminiscent of my childhood. i hope you taste it in my pastries. >> reporter: we will start with custard cakes, what is this is typically inside? >> it is made with jamaican rum and custard. the outside is crisp and the inside is moist, kind of reminiscent of friends -- france. this mochiis what he is known for, the hawaiian muffin. >> -- the hawaiian mochi
12:19 pm
muffin. >> in the last one, black sesame almond cakes. very nice, nutty and earthy. you will be here at the festival for the next 3 days, starts in less than an hour where can people find you.>> i am at a cafi in east bay and san francisco. i have 7 locations in the east bay and 3 locations in san francisco, i'm on facebook, in you can find my locations there, but i might about location called catalina coffee, and i and part of the food craft organization institute. they educate small business owners who have food start ups, finances, marketing and things like that.>> reporter: a lot of bakers or have gone to that. i will get a taste of these pies and then get back to you. we will have fun here at the festival. as you take a
12:20 pm
little sample i want to mention for everyone at home that wants to come down, it must be delicious. get the thumbs up, enjoy christina. i am sure she will find it. >> there is beer, wine, food, it is free to go, you will pay between one dollars and $8 at each of the booths>> you just move around to different patients. >> a great event, can't wait to go. >> perfect weather also. >> very good. what is happening across the bay, this week in san francisco fire department overrating its 150th anniversary. things this morning at fisherman's wharf, the celebration continues tomorrow and sunday, begins at 10 am, starts with a parade and historical exhibit, or strong engines, equipment used in the 30s. the weekend celebration is -- is free to the public. coming up at noon, twitter stock surging, news that could be close to being sold, details
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tutor is reportedly moving closer to being sold. according to a cnbc report, possible buyers are google and salesforce. expectations of a takeover increased after recent quarterly earnings report showed disappointing growth and twitter user numbers.
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tech experts say the san francisco-based company could have an $18 billion price tag, twitter stock up this morning. a check at stocks, the dow is on the losing side dropping more than 100 points. stories similar on the s&p and nasdaq. there is a grass roots movement underway to save the movie theater, the recently closed in downtown san jose. please saber theater. yesterday a group rallied outside camera 12 cinemas which closed its doors september 8. it had been in business since 2004 but owners blamed maintenance costs for the closures. the president of the downtown residents association says she years the building will be turned into another housing development, she is gathering signatures for a petition to make sure it stays and entertainment destination. >> maybe it couldn't make it as a movie theater, but if we get someone who wants to turn it into a movie theater and more, maybe a restaurant so you can
12:25 pm
come and watch dinner and a show for a date night. >> according to a city memo about the closure, city officials are working on finding a new subtenant. >> the first weekend of autumn gets underway, a lot to do around the bay. rosemary orozco has details in our edition of weekend watch. the first weekend of fall 2016 in san francisco, celebrating german tradition and oktoberfest by the bay. beer drinking, merrymaking at the three-day festival complete with food, music, singing and dancing at pier 48. if you're looking for simple head to the 9th annual salsa festival downtown redwood city saturday, it includes salsa into keyla tasting, food, music, entertainment and a children's play area. say hello to fall at the 31st annual pacific coast chest will featuring live music, art, food activities in a parade. i will be there to kick off the event at 10 am saturday in
12:26 pm
pacifica. in the east bay, a three- day edible extravaganza at jaclyn in oakland. artisan food, craft beers called local wine and cocktails, featuring sustainable local ingredients. friday through sunday. in martinez, the 6 annual bay area good festival, booths, exhibits, food, craft, beer and wine in the kids activity area. saturday and sunday 10 am to 6 pm works --. in the north a the 30th animal wine country film festival through sunday. don't bakers, actors, live music performances and special presentations. or had to sausalito for the 30th annual chili cookoff, this local event features live music, kids activities, all the chili you can eat for $10. the cutoff is saturday. in sports 49ers, raiders on home.
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i am rosemary orozco and that is your can watch. the parents of the woman at the center of the bay area police sex scandal speaking out. oakland under fire for broken surveillance cameras that come and could have cost a killer. donald trump and hillary clinton gearing up for monday's first presidential debate, will tell you but the strategies they hope to use to use the other look bad, when they face off in 3 days.
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following breaking news in suburban maryland, police have shot and killed a man during a brain -- during a bank robbery investigation. a 2nd man was injured and has been taken into custody. police say the man injured in the shooting was wanted for a number of ink robberies, investigators say the man who died was african-american, and the driver of a car police sought while searching for a robbery suspect. police try to find out if there are police body camera video that shows what happened, but the headline coming from suburban all to more, another officer involved shooting, in this case one man shot and killed and another injured, we'll stay on top of this breaking news and have more for you coming up on the 4 on 2. >> back in the bay area richmond police apartment initiating disciplinary action against officers involved in the bay area law enforcement
12:31 pm
sex scandal. involving self-described former call girl jasmine bus when, -- jasmine abuslin who claim to have sex with many officers. >> the investigation involves 10,000 text messages, cell phone records and 5000 stemedia pages. they identified 11 current and former police personnel, the department is recommending one officer be fired, another demoted, 2 officers suspended, 5 officers will receive letters of reprimand. an hour 40-year-old oakland police officer brian bunton expected to make his first court appearance in connection with the sex scandal. he is charged with albany obstruction of justice. presbyter say he warned the young woman at the center of the scandal about planned prostitution rate in exchange for sex. this scandal involves officers from at least 7 bay area law enforcement agencies, the woman
12:32 pm
19-year-old jasmine abuslin , claims to have had sex with at least 30 officers, from law enforcement agencies across the bay area. her father talk to ktvu crime reporter henry lee off-camera, saying i love her with all my heart and she knows that. he didn't want to get into specifics about the case. her mother works for the police dispatcher in oakland and she spoke to henry lee, she responded to critics who question whether she did enough to help her daughter. she said, the people who have been in my shoes, i expect them to understand what i'm going through. everyone else have a little empathy, you have been very down at some point in your life. in richmond a spike in gun violence has police changing his crime-fighting tactics. police say the strategy is working. 21 homicides in the city so far this year, police say many of those crimes have been specific and targeted shootings. the department is changing its response like putting more officers in areas where crime
12:33 pm
has spiked. police say they were able to quickly arrest a 19-year-old suspected murderer within 2 days of the killing, dawaun rice abridgment is facing murder charges in connection with the shooting death of 29- year-old javonte prothro. through evidence gathered at the scene, investigative work along with community help, our investigators identified the suspect.>> police say they will continue their new strategy the next 30 days and reevaluate after that. in oakland families demanding answers after learning about broken city- owned surveillance cameras at a park were 2 men were gone down last month. the cameras were not working at the time of the shooting, and they haven't worked for years. ktvu spoke with a city council member in charge of the area where the killings happen, more on what is being done to fix the cameras. >> reporter: cesar chavez park is a place young families visit
12:34 pm
often. a place of comfort for those who grew up in the neighborhood. i walk through the park, go to school, elementary as a young kid i felt safe. >> reporter: it may be a false sense of security, there are 6 surveillance cameras in and around the park maintained by the city, and there are signs that read the park is under 24 hour your surveillance. but none of them worked august 30 when there was a double homicide. we learned they haven't worked for years. how long would you estimate they haven't worked? >> i would say based on the information i was given by the technology representative, they haven't been working for for 5 years. >> reporter: city councilmember know well represents the fruitvale park district where it was located, they learned the cameras weren't working last october when there is a double homicide across the street from the park. he came to the park to check on the cameras and said he found
12:35 pm
the control center of the park that operates the cameras flooded by a bathroom in the same building. >> we opened the door and it was flooded. that was what shorted the cameras and the system. r we asked the city administrator's office about the status of cameras and other parks and rec centers, they tell us there are cameras at 9 locations and so far workers have counted 78 cameras, at 6 of those locations and all are functional. a city spokesperson says workers are collecting the number in status of cameras at 3 additional locations. as for the nonworking cameras at cesar chavez park the city said in a statement we are awaiting delivery of all the component so we can complete repair and installation. the vendor advises it should arrive in the next 7 to 10 days. the staff will install them as soon as the parts arrived. >> i know nothing will bring my brother back, i know the cameras working one for my brother back. her brother was one of the
12:36 pm
men shot and killed at cesar chavez park last month. whoever killed her brother augustine would've been caught on tape by the cameras have they been working. >> my brother has 4 beautiful children, whoever did this the need to pay. >> reporter: amber lee ktvu fox news. the 3 finalists for san francisco's next police chief will not have their names be made public. the commissioners against having the names released saying it would affect the integrity of the search. people support releasing names saying it would add credibility and trust to the process. more than 60 candidates have applied, mayor ed lee will choose chief from the final 3. accusations of political dirty tricks and the heated congressional race and the south bay. congressman mike honda filed a lawsuit against his challenger, claiming his campaign manager illegally accessed honda's campaign files. he had interned for a honda
12:37 pm
consultant in 2012 in join the election bid in 2014. honda says his computer access code still works and he stole the congressman's political playbook including donor and strategy information. >> he will say or do anything to be elected. he is on ethical and his deplorable actions should be a great concern to voters.>> in an emailed statement, a spokesperson call the actual -- call the allegations desperate said. adding it is clear he will do and say anything to hold onto his seat including suing anyone on track to defeat him. the his campaign manager resigned yesterday afternoon saying he did not want to be a distraction. moments ago ted cruz, former presidential candidate himself announced he will vote for gop nominee donald trump. the first presidential debate 3 days away, voters will see the 2 nominees go head-to-head for the first time.
12:38 pm
lorin blanchard has more on how the nominees are preparing and what he of the strategies will be. monday night's debate maybe the most watched political event in history. both campaigns gearing up for a showdown. donald trump not campaigning today but last night sounding not that worried about his opponent. where is hillary today? they say she is practicing for the debate. some people think she is sleeping. >> reporter: off the trail hillary clinton preparing for anything trump may throw at her. her running mate tim kaine continuing to blast their rival. >> i really think the home stretch is the starting of the debate. i think you will see a performance that may well be entertaining but without a lot of, here's how we will get there , backing it up. >> reporter: analyst say while the candidates should prep for
12:39 pm
monday night's debate at hofstra university there is such thing as being too prepared.>> i guarantee donald trump is starting for this. if he's not he's a madman. for these debates candidates can be over prepared. they can be to stuffed full of others. >> reporter: trumps strategy right now is to make clinton talk as much as possible hoping voters lose interest. while clinton's is to make trump look unprepared and without specific policy ideas. in washington lorin blanchard fox news. you can watch monday's debate right here on ktvu, our coverage begins at 6 pm , you can watch it live on tv and we'll stream live on , and also on our facebook page. all the different ways to watch for it will be good. still ahead at noon, helping the fishing community, and waters of san francisco. but what if you could turn things around?
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segment 2, we would like to introduce you to a woman who set out on a course to others have charted. smack she is the captain of her boat known around san francisco bay as wacky jackie.>> reporter: days gone by, where she was in as little in petet as she was , she's to work the rozen wheels
12:43 pm
-- and reels incredibly. it's amazing what she's done . all these years. >> reporter: she is 87-year-old jackie douglas, her charter board -- boat inherited her nickname. >> wacky jackie, i love it. on a cool summer day , the san francisco native brings her passengers closer to price salmon. the ocean has been her 2nd home for decades.>> reporter: you get the same level of excitement? >> i get excited when i see a rod, when i hear the clicker, they got i've years. -- thank god i've got years. >> reporter: the story of wacky jackie goes back a half-century when her late husband introduced her to shoot -- to fishing. she poster coastguard exam in 1952, where for woman that. since then she 2nd 150,000 anglers from all over the world outside the golden gate to get the catch. each trip fueled with energy that refuses to age. >> my son said, this is pretty
12:44 pm
exciting. it takes me away from the work i do at home. all that stuff, all the pta. it is better than pta. >> reporter: in between navigating changing ocean conditions, cruising by wales, -- by wales in finding a hot fishing spot. jackie weaved a large fishing family. they're waiting for us. >> reporter: that last voice comes from a captain more like a son to jackie. >> this is eric, one of the deck hands, he tells with the equipment and passengers. over all of these years wacky jackie has had 12 deckhands, but the first one is over there. craig hansen is the captain of the argo as a kid he fished off the peers. while listening to his radio he heard about a lady called wacky jackie, he had no idea she was his neighbor. >> i came over and she gave me
12:45 pm
a big hug, just like she was them, and said you have to go fishing with me. i was 12 or 13 years old. there was i will come fishing i can't wait to go. >> he was cooked right away, weekly fishing adventures with jackie translated to a job is a deckhand. this picture from 1973 shows the pair on both ends posing with a passenger in the middle. early on his dad asked about the progress of his young son. >> he said where are you taking my son back --? , i said just like you i am proud of it. >> reporter: the former deckhand is captain of his own boat following a successful course. >> the way she takes care of her customers and treats them on the water, her business sense and everything she does, i want to follow her lead. she was so successful starting off.>> reporter: she will turn 88 in october, there's a good chance we -- she will steer her boat through the golden gate. >> it keeps my heart taking, such a thrill -- taking, it
12:46 pm
such a thrill to see people happy. >> there is no one with a bigger heart and jackie.>> reporter: in our market continues to be sketched out, after a full day we're back at the wharf. the invite she extended to young fisherman has been extended to us. how could we say no? those old stories of fish, friendship and the ocean are so rich. >> okay let's catch of fish. >> reporter: it may continue at first light tomorrow morning.>> wacky jackie inbound. a beautiful friday afternoon, our first full day of fall 30 yesterday morning, the wind was there, the cool temperatures, and now we're saying a nice pattern develop as temperatures will be beautiful, 60s and 70s, 80s
12:47 pm
through the interior, the big news is on the weekend when temperatures will warm up. you will notice saturday and for sure sunday but today is right about where we should be according to climatology. yesterday santa rosa one of the warmest at 89, livermore one of the cooler, today 7 degrees warmer, san pablo, san jose, patchy clouds, some still clipping us but part of a system to note -- to the north. northeast part of the state yesterday, sierra gave us wind and cool temperatures. it moved off, a few clouds and a few high clouds coming down but overall the temperatures cool. truck e-gift and 19, even though the days are nice the morning lows are cool. 52 bodega bay, 53 san francisco, santa rosa came down as well. not much but breeze in the delta, a little breeze for some but nothing like yesterday.
12:48 pm
temps running cooler than they were a few hours ago, bottom out yesterday, some of the high clouds moving to the north, not much left of the system. there goes the low visiting salt lake city, a big system for the rockies. high pressure moves in and present north, northeast breeze. yesterday was cooler in today is nice and tomorrow be warm to hot and sunday will be really hot. it easier the coast, don't be surprised if san francisco is 90s dancing with oakland, inland temps upper 90s near 100. high fire danger. today 60s, 70s and 80s, a nice day, if you enjoyed yesterday and you want the cool weather , you have to wait 3 or 4 days. this weekend looks very warm to hot. next weekend, the first weekend in october looks very cool but today it is all about sunshine. if you want to hit of summer -- they hit the summer it will be toasty hot sunday monday in cooler tuesday. first weekend of october would
12:49 pm
be much cooler as well. looks like a gorgeous weekend. let's talk baseball. giants got a win last night, they opened a four-game series for the padres and they kept pace in the national league wild-card race. not sure they just want to keep pace but given their pitching troubles, they needed a big county for their starter in the got one. pitching really nice, struck out 9 batters over the shutout inning, got on the board in the a after joe panik scored a run, pens doubled to left, the giants would be both runs for the palat drays as they , the lead in half in the bottom the inning and sergio romo khaynin) out in the 9th to preserve a 2 run when. giants and the mets are tied for the 2 wild-card spot, st. louis cardinals behind them by half day. to los angeles, appreciation day at dodger stadium. sculley last game sunday, he
12:50 pm
has been broadcasting games for 67 seasons. he hasn't been traveling much this season but he will be with them when they come here to san francisco next weekend, he was 88 years old, his final game will be october 2 at&t park and the dodgers play the giants. that will be a big day. an incredible career will wrap up in san francisco. in oakland to talk about a's. the texas rangers tonight, early start page at 6:35 pm. this is the last fireworks night of the season. last week the a's took a leave from the rangers so we -- will see how they do tonight. in south bay it is media day for the sharks. they opened their training camp this morning, the training camp is broken up into 3 groups, today's practice open to fans and sunday there will be scrimmages between the groups. they are hoping for a chance to return the -- to the stanley cup finals. >> i don't see things changing too much.
12:51 pm
we all get along, as a group we like what we do, so we will build up from last year and that's a good thing. >> we have a couple new guys, a little stronger than last year, i think we'll be ready to go. one of the top teams in the nhl. the first preseason game is next tuesday the 27th at home versus vancouver. the season opener against the la kings october 12. tonight fox premiere week continues with the debut of the new show the exorcist. paul chambers sits down with the stars of the show and asked them about the real-life encounters with the supernatural.>> reporter: --
12:52 pm
we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit.
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taking a peek at stocks, losing more than 100 points, s&p and nasdaq also losing died. toux close in 7 minutes. -- on the losing side, stocks close in 7 minutes. another series premier tonight, the exorcist on the small screen. friday night kicks off of the return of hells kitchen and of course celebrity chef gordon ramsay. paul chambers has more.>> reporter: you better be, fox
12:55 pm
has renewed hells kitchen for 2 more seasons. meaning chef gordon ramsay is back and better than ever.>> a lot of people think you are mean but i can see your nice person what's up with that?>> you have good taste.>> only get straight to the point. >> reporter: season 16 kicks off with him putting 18 chefs direct army boot camp before the they are the show. through the years he has put in contact with many hopefuls and made a lasting impact on their life. >> i will continue to learn, i can't wait to pass on what i learned. when you don't -- when they don't do well you hear about them. i asked what the strangest food is he's encountered? >> i is for kind of notice woman used in she said breastmilk. it was actually quite nice. after hells kitchen there will be a dance with demons. >> geena davis and alan rock
12:56 pm
are married couple. >> we have 2 adult daughters. something spooky starts happening in our house.>> reporter: is a different -- is a difficult to have a horror show once a week what is it like right >> it like we're making a movie. we're telling a story, that is your job to tell a story. this particular story has demons and it. many people know the exorcist as a movie so for the stars it's important the tv show honors such an iconic film. living in the world of the supernatural i asked both stars if they ever had their own runs in -- run-ins with the afterlife. davis said no but rocket said he did when using a bathroom at a house he printed in vancouver. >> it was me, my wife and baby and i wouldn't shut the door, and every time i did the hairs on the back of my neck with stand up and the door would close behind very slowly.
12:57 pm
we couldn't get out of it, we were there for 4 and half month. >> reporter: fox friday nights with the devil kicks off at 8 with hells kitchen followed by the exorcist at 9. in hollywood paul chambers ktvu fox to news. thank you for joining us at noon. >> a pleasure to have you might. >> we will see you back here at the 4 on 2. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify
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